GlobGlo provides end-to-end solutions related to IP Research, Business / Market research, Regulatory / Clinical Support, Legal Support, Product Development Support, etc.

Intellectual Property Research

We provide end-to-end solutions for Intellectual property issues related to patents, copyrights, trademarks, and designs for various research fields i.e. pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medical, surgical, engineering, textile, computers, software, biotechnology, microbiology, polymer sciences, paints, chemicals, etc. We deal with all aspects of intellectual property management i.e. IP creation, promotion, protection, and commercialization of intellectual properties.

  • Patent Evaluation Reports / Landscaping / Mapping
  • Freedom-To-Operate / Infringement Analysis
  • Invalidity / Patentability Studies
  • Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution
  • Filing Pre-grant & Post-grant Oppositions
  • Trademark / Design Filing & Prosecution
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • File history procurement
  • Copyright Protection
  • Patent Searches for Regulated and ROW countries
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Customized IP training for Scientists and Professionals

Legal Support

GlobGlo has a dynamic team of professionals with more than a decade of experience in handling technical as well as legal issues.

The techno-legal background helps in understanding the issues better and providing effective legal support.

GlobGlo is equipped to provide complete litigation support services through its operational offices in India and client coordination in other countries.

Our IP services cost 40-80% less than onshore contract researchers, IP specialists, engineers, and lawyers.

  • Patent Infringement Proceedings
  • Patent / Revocation Proceedings
  • Patent Enforcement
  • Licensing Agreement preparation
  • Legal Documents Review
  • Providing Litigation support to the foreign counterparts
  • FTC-related Litigation
  • Trademark and Copyright Litigations
  • Legal Strategy for Patent infringement

Regulatory / Clinical Support

Pharmaceutical regulations impact all areas of drug development, manufacture, control, and supply, from the early stages of drug development, through to dossier submission, approval, and marketing.

GlobGlo has the experience to take a broad view of the development process. we are well-equipped to tailor pivotal submission documentation to facilitate a company’s chances of achieving faster product approvals.

We assist the client in responding to questions raised by regulatory agencies and will work with agencies on your behalf to ensure an optimum path to market.
Our experienced professionals are experts in handling regulatory issues and have extensive experience in delivering high-quality services.

  • ANDA or 505(b)(2) Filing Strategies / Support
  • Patent Certifications and Exclusivity Certifications
  • Label / Package Insert Clearance for Products
  • Package Design or Exclusivity related issues
  • Notice of Allegation / Form Vs for Canada Market
  • Patent Certification / Declarations for Australia Market
  • Test License application support
  • Bioequivalence study protocol approval from DCGI
  • Bioequivalence study approval from DCGI

Business / Market Research

We are providing Business / Market Research Services for clients’ specific needs with the help of our trained professionals and experts.

We are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals who have wide market experience; they assist clients with easy access to the market to meet the requirements of their target audience.

Market Entry – Evaluation of market opportunities, competition, and realizable return on investment.
Benchmarking – Competitive benchmarking of products and services, strategies, and identifying areas of improvement.
Company Analysis – A research note on the company’s business model, strategy, and shareholder’s share value return.

  • Dossier In / Out – Licensing
  • Customer Support
  • API In / Outsourcing
  • Pipeline Product Identification / Selection
  • Branding of Products in India
  • India Marketing collaborations
  • Patents In / Out Licensing
  • Intellectual Property In / Out Licensing

Product Development Support

We offer an end-to-end solution in product development by offering an honest, reliable & supportive role at a very competitive price for the concept design throughout the product lifecycle.

Our expert professionals suggest innovative product development technologies for the maintenance of Lean and Efficient Operating Models.

  • Formulation development for early safety studies
  • Prototype formulation screening studies
  • Formulation / process optimization
  • Preliminary process identification
  • Commercial formulation development for NMEs,
    ANDAs and OTC’s
  • Process development optimization
  • Scale up / technology transfer
  • QBD implementation in the product development

Extended Services

  • Label Designing
  • Leaflet Designing
  • Journal Article writing
  • Medical writing


Patent Literature
  • Total Patents
  • Derwent
  • Thomson Innovation
  • STN/Scifinder
  • Google Patent
  • JPO
  • Patent Surf
  • Patent Buero
Non-Patent Literature
  • IEEE
  • CiteSeer Scirus
  • Science Direct
  • Engineering Village
  • ACM
  • Pubmed / Medline
  • Blackwell Synergy
  • Journal Archive
  • PR Newswire